Android Now Running on iPhone 3G

PC World has a wonderful update from David “planetbeing” Wang, the iPhone hacker responsible for getting Android to run on an older iPhone. This is phenomenally quick progress, despite how much rougher a state the 3G port is in. I hope that at some point this port will be applicable to my 1st generation iPod Touch. The quicker I can escape Apple’s closed mobile eco system without having to make a huge outlay for new hardware, the better.

David has another short video showing off the state of this newer port. There are considerable improvements despite the remaining work to smooth things out on the newer hardware. This project is well on track to making Android run as well as it can on Apple hardware.

I am still waiting to see how or if Apple reacts. This seems like a bigger deal than simply jail breaking an iPhone. Of course, once Apple abandons these models, maybe they won’t care and those of us left out in the cold can breath new life into our devices and feel better about opting out of Apple’s ridiculous built in obsolescence.

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