feeds | grep links > Web API for Facial Recognition, Distilled Risks of New Facebook Feature, and Canonical Rationalizes Licensing H.264

  • Alpha release of face recognition web API
    Via Nat Torkington’s Four Short Links on O’Reilly Radar. This is the future about which Adam Harvey was concerned. face.com provides a facial recognition service that can be mashed into other web applications. Of course, photo sharing sites Flickr and Picasa already have their own internal implementations but this site is a strong signal it will start showing up a lot of other places, soon.
  • EFF distills the essentials about Facebook “Connections”
    This is perfect for sharing with everyone. Kurt Opsahl and the other folks at EFF who synthesized this have netted it down perfectly to six points that can easily be shared and explained. If this doesn’t cause concern for even the most privacy unaware user of Facebook, I don’t know what will.
  • Canonical rationalizes licensing H.264
    I use Ubuntu on my work system, daily, and am usually a fan. The Register shares comments from Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, explaining that they license a handful of proprietary software to help drive mass market adoption. The problem is that video currently is so much more charged than whether the Firefox bundled with the distro has Flash or not.

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