I loved the episode, Thomas! I hadn’t thot about Dr Who for a long time, and I’m happy to have heard a respectful, insightful, and illuminating discussion of the Doctor. I believe I was too young and to under-read to fully appreciate the Doctor. The oddest thing about the Doctor that I didn’t understand when I was that young was how his character was never burdened by the guilt of having made mistakes, and the confrontingly bold enthusiasm of the character (rather than typical grim or vengeful determination) typical of most American sci fi characters.


I haven’t watched much TV in recent years, so I’m sure I’m missing other examples of hacker models on contemporary programs. The first other characters that come to mind are of course, Hari Seldon and of course, R Daneel Olivaw. However, their characters are so unlike the Doctor. Vernor Vinge’s characters from also seem to express the hacker ethic, relying heavily on logic and cleverness to help solve plots. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars series also provided a view Martian citizens as hackers and revolutionaries, which was also an enjoyable read.

Thanks again for the brilliant episode!