feeds | grep links > Oversharing Risks on Facebook, Safe Harbor Victory, and Google e-Books to Launch this Summer

  • Consumer Reports warns of risks of oversharing on Facebook
    As Sarah Perez explains at RWW, the source, a mainstream media outlet, is the most remarkable part of this story. Consumer Reports’ findings are compelling nonetheless and I hope further the public pressure of Facebook to end its attack on our onlineprivacy.
  • RapidShare wins key victory on copyright filtering
    Nate Anderson at Ars Technica has the details. The ruling on appeal hinges on the fact that the file locker service doesn’t share files uploaded publicly, unlike most p2p file sharing applications. Not only did the court hold RapidShare could not be held liable for infringement but that they also did not need to run the filename filtering scheme being pressed by rightsholders.
  • Google’s e-book store to launch this Summer
    RWW doesn’t have much more detail beyond what was revealed in the original announcement of Editions. The emphasis is on the date, soon enough they may be able to capitalize on the interest being driven by Apple’s ebook offering.

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