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  • Floating point guide
    I clearly remember when I realized why floating point, or decimal, numbers in programs sometimes break in simple calculations. Working in a scientific computing environment, I quickly read through various discussions of IEEE 754. I wish that this site to which Slashdot links had existed back then to make the learning curve much shallower.
  • MSIE market share falls to all time low
    The less than 60% Slashdot mentions is still the majority of the market and the reminder is split between more than one competitor–Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others. Still, I think it bolsters my thought on IE9 only supporting H.264 for HTML5 video, that it is going to be largely irrelevant.
  • Application to take your data back from Facebook
    Sarah Perez at RWW has the details, including the key question of why you would trust yet another third party to not abuse your data. The short answer is a promise by the developer, which may be heartfelt and genuine, now, but is not mush assurance down the road. That this application was written says more about the reaction to Facebook’s trend towards eroding user privacy than the fitness of any particular solution.
  • Complaints from within Google’s Open Handset Alliance
    Slashdot points to some criticisms from a former executive of one of the participating companies. This bolsters fears of fragmentation amongst vendors user Android and echoes what many have said about Google’s lackluster adherence to the spirit of sharing and community generally deemed key to the success of open source projects.

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