April Update on Advertising Experiment

The end of April was also the end of the 2nd full month I’ve been experimenting with displaying ads from AdBard. I don’t have much new to report, earnings were consistent with March, although up a little bit. I earned $5.12 up from $4.75. My potential earning for full price ads and all the ad slots sold was up proportionally. My total earnings to date are now $10.07. I cannot find the list of all sites on AdBard at the moment but I suspect I am still firmly ensconced at the bottom of the first quartile.

It is still early days, this doesn’t represent much difference from last month but I am still happy. There a small but perceptible uptick, I think correlated to slightly higher traffic on my site for the month. I should earn out my first payment very early next year which will go into funding recurring costs or into the travel fund.

I think I am on the right track, growth wise, investing what time I can curate links and stories I find interesting with commentary that hopefully explains why I share them.

I will once again ask that if you are visiting the site and use an ad blocking extension, consider making an exception for AdBard. If you use AdBlock Plus, you can add @@http://*adbard.net/* according to their FAQ. If you use NoScript, like me, you can right click the icon in the status bar of your browser when visiting the site and grant either temporary or permanent to the scripts from adbard.net. For what it is worth, I get to preview ads before they run them and disapprove any I do not want run on my site. I won’t let any ad through I wouldn’t mind seeing myself on any other site I regularly visit.

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