Catchy Video Promoting Commons

Shareable has a link to this video, produced by On the Commons and The New Press. It is a catchy work, mentally sticky and short enough to make an excellent self contained meme. It pulls quotes from three books put out by The New Press, including David Bollier’s “The Viral Spiral“, a book on my ever increasing list of titles to read. The other two books are “Blue Covenant” by Maude Barlow and “Unjust Deserts” by Gar Alperovitz and Lew Daly.

It doesn’t just discuss the intellectual commons, like free software and Creative Commons, but also touches on more traditional commons, in this case water as a natural resource. The binding thread of the work is social justice. It is as much an easy introduction to the idea of the commons as it is a thoughtful framing of the threat of enclosure of commons.

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