Another Takedown Facilitation Service

I found this, ironically enough, through a pending comment to my post yesterday about the bogus DMCA takedown of a single tweet. The site, DMCA Takedown Service, that linked to mine clearly didn’t bother to read the post or any of the ones around it. (I am not linking back because I don’t want to encourage whoever is behind this site. Email or private message me and I’ll send you the URL.)

I am not sure how legitimate the DMCA Takedown Service is, despite its about page.

DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It can be extremely frustrating when you find out your work has be copied and stolen. Hiring a lawyer can cost money, and take time. Read about our services to learn more about take down service.

There are no services about which to read. The site is a basic WordPress blog and all of its content appears to be scraped. If scraped, whoever is doing it clearly is looking for any mentions of the DMCA and the term, takedown. The result are posts that erode the supposed services on offer as often as supporting them. There isn’t even any contact information on the site to query for more information.

Even if this is nothing but a spammy site full of scraped content, that it chose to describe itself as a DMCA takedown facilitation service is troubling. My suggestion of a growing market for secondary actors like this is bearing out. The category of services has to be somewhat widespread for it to be used as camouflage for a site like this, even if this isn’t a legitimate example of another actor in this emerging market.

I may be reading too much into this or it really is further evidence, even if indirect, of a disturbing trend. I tend to think the latter given the other recent stories based on genuine groups and services.

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