The Open Web and Facebook, So Long 3.5″ Floppies, Jobs Skewers Mac App Store Rumor and Schumer Sicks FTC on Social Networks

  • Why new APIs from Facebook may be good for the open web
    I am deeply skeptical but respect David Recordon’s work, the port of it with which I am familiar that also predates his move to Facebook. I appreciate the further details on the Open Graph protocol that Recordon shares at O’Reilly Radar but will reserve judgment. It remains to be seen how this spec is going to play out in the real world, just like an new open spec.
  • Last gasp of the 3.5″ floppy disk
    Chris Foreman at Ars Technica explains that Sony, one of the last companies to manufacture the ancient disks and drives will be spinning down their production of them. I honestly didn’t even know anyone was still making them although I know from first hand experience how such technologies abide in embedded and machine control systems.
  • Jobs debunks Mac app store rumor
    The Register has the authoritative response from Apple’s chief to this troubling rumor. By the time I saw this over the weekend, it had already been pretty strongly discredited. It feeds into many of the worst fears of Apple critics so easy to understand how it spread.
  • Senator Schumer to task FTC with police privacy disclosures from social networks
    Xeni at Boing Boing has the details and links to further analysis and the press release from the Senator’s office. This seems pretty well targeted to disclosures, I think a sane response. That is as opposed to the new Cyber Privacy Act which I have tagged to discuss in this week’s news cast.

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