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I tried to pull my notes together around the various time commitments I knew I would have to balance this weekend. Unfortunately, something unexpected came up last night that led to a late night followed by too much tension to sleep very well. When I finally sat down to try to finish the remaining half of my notes, I felt like the waking dead. My throat is also in less than ideal shape.

For those that follow me on Twitter or, you know more details about what happened. In short, the sweet but somewhat slow one of our pair of collies ate a toxic dose of chocolate yesterday afternoon. (Fergus is big, even for a collie and it is unfortunately too easy to underestimate how far he can reach onto tables and counter tops.) It was not much more than the minimum toxic amount but enough that we spent most of last night on the phone with the ASPCA then ended up taking him to the emergency vet, anyway. Collies are more susceptible to theobromide poisoning than many other breeds, the risk of a cardiac event or seizure is very serious.

Thankfully we heard from the vet this morning. He’s through the woods. They are keeping him for observation to ensure his blood pressure remains lower as the meds they administered finish their course.

I hate skipping two news shows in a row but I’d rather do that than push myself too hard and put out a substandard episode and have my exhaustion spill over into the work week. I’ve already posted to the blog a couple of the stories I was going to use in the show so the weekend is not a total wash. I am also grateful that I was able to get ahead on writing features for upcoming shows. The Wednesday episode, a rant exploring the exception I take with some of the rhetoric around the “NoSQL” movement, should go out as planned.

My sincerest apologies, I would be less concerned if I had not also missed putting out a news program last week. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to producing and sharing Wednesday night’s show. Until then, don’t forget to hack your world.

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  1. Glad to hear Fergus made it through the woods! I know how much you wanted to get out today’s show and look forward to Weds. feature. Best Regards, WryneckStudio

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