Secondary Market in Copyright Infringement is Growing

Tim Vollmer updated with this horrifying further evidence that enforcement against copyright infringement is becoming a first class economic pursuit independent of creators and distributors. I doubt this is the only example of a pre-packaged tool to lower the cost of sending takedown notices. As I’ve written about, the barrier to send such messages is already way too low. Seeing examples like this and the law firms that are also exploiting this space make this asymmetry so much worse than it is as a consequence of how the DMCA is crafted, regardless of the thin silver lining of the safe harbors.

Once tools and actors like this are further entrenched, my pessimism about effective reform of digital copyright will go asymptotic, approaching infinity.

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  1. A portion of the subscription fee will go towards supporting AEP’s Government Relations program.

    That is, by supporting this service that automates takedown notices (presumably indiscriminately and with no regard for Fair Use), you will also be funding an already powerful and influential lobbying effort to strengthen an entrenched monopolist position.


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