Given that Netflix’s web player is a Silverlight application, it’s entirely possible that removing DRM from the web player presents a technical challenge (opportunity?) that Netflix isn’t willing to take up at this time. However, given that Netflix doesn’t have a problem renting DVDs that you can easily go to the store and purchase (generally for a price less than that of two months of Netflix service), I don’t understand why they turned refused to allow the addition of a note saying that the video was also available for download. Perhaps it’s just that the “business mindset,” not realizing that it is getting perennially easier for even the not-technically-savvy user to do their own format shifting, still believes that businesses can provide value by doing then work of performing the format shift for the user – and since this particular work is already available in one of the most common formats to shift to, they don’t see how they can monetize it. Or it’s equally possible that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.