Merit Badge Prototype

I received a scan of the prototype custom Nerd Merit Badge on Monday. See below.


This is more than acceptable to me, based on the design I submitted. I approved production which hopefully means I should have the badges in hand in just under three weeks. I shall endeavor to have the charter certificates ready in the meantime and prepare as much of the logistics as possible ahead of time.

I have been overwhelmed by the participation in this experiment and am very proud of the end result. I will be supremely satisfied when those first ten are on their way to you crucial first donors who made this possible. As I had hoped, the offer of a keepsake like this encouraged many people to donate. I suspect just the discussion of the experiment also helped, regardless of the offer of a premium.

If you want your very own Command Line Nerd Merit Badge, there are still plenty unspoken for. Anyone who makes a one time donation of $20 or more will receive one as will anyone who chooses any of the monthly donation options. Right now, my monthly donations total to just under $30 which is all of my media hosting and most of my server cost (before PayPal takes its cut, anyway).

If I managed to exceed my monthly costs, as I discussed with the advertising experiment, the remainder will go into a travel fund to defray the cost of attending tech conferences next year. I am already planning on going to SCALE9x in February and am thinking about at least one other tech conference to attend besides. It would be nice to cover any amount of either or both those trips out of funds earned through these two experiments.

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