Speeding Up Quantum Crypto

Slashdot links to a Wired UK article describing some new research out of the Cambridge Lab of Toshiba Research Europe. One of the many hurdles to wider adoption of this form of encryption that relies on quantum properties of particles, like photons, is low transmission speeds to date.

Sadly, that is about all of the content in the article. There is no link to the research or any attempt to explain how the acceleration was achieved. The researcher who directed the effort, Dr. Shields, did add the adviso that the higher transmission speeds were sustained only for brief periods and required manual adjustments. Even though the article mentions some more real world testing as a next step, it sounds to me like that may be premature.

Being able to encrypt and decrypt fast enough to secure live video would indeed be impressive but not if it won’t run the full duration of a video call. For streaming applications, I suppose it could be hidden behind the frequent buffering pauses. I am also curious about how, if at all, this affects some of the other issues with quantum crypto like the inability to route it or some of the merging side channel attacks.

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