Adobe Adds P2P to Flash Beta

I don’t know how to interpret this story at The Register other than a move by Adobe to stretch its tentacles deeper into the web. The article mentions this capability being used to perhaps drive VoIP and online gaming. I have to admit the prospect is attractive despite my overpowering aversion to Flash. I suppose another way to read this is Adobe taking advantage of its ability to add anything and everything to its platform in an attempt to stave of HTML5 which now impinges very strongly on the spaces where Flash has traditionally been used, serving audio and video.

This raises all kinds of concerns in terms of even worse exposures as a result of Adobe’s haphazard record on security. The mind boggles.

Finally, I have to wonder about the natural application of P2P: file sharing. In-browser file sharing may be the dream of some content grazers and undoubtedly the nightmare of big content. It would require a third party to implement such an application but I can see rights holders confusing the issue. Adobe could easily get splatter with secondary liability if a file sharing application gets built with their tools. It might be interesting to see a big tech company trying to defend a technology that we all now has substantial legitimate uses if this comes to pass.

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