High Court Clears the Way for Three Strikes in Ireland

As TorrentFreak explains, this is not a regime being legislated into existing but via the Irish trade association, IRMA, arranging a deal with the country’s largest ISP, Eircom.

In February 2009, IRMA – which controls 90% of Ireland’s recorded music and represents the labels EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner – reached a private agreement with Ireland’s largest ISP, Eircom, which would see them implement a 3 strikes-style arrangement for dealing with alleged pirates.

A private deal like this is troublesome because it bypasses any public debate or pressure for judicial oversight. It is hard to see how to stop it given that taking the parties to court has failed, at least based on arguments about the legal standing of an IP address. Perhaps further complaints will be raised based on access to the net as a basic human right.

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