IBM May Be Resurrecting OS/2

“Rise from the grave!” (+5 geek points for anyone getting that reference.)

According to Slashdot, what Big Blue is contemplating would indeed be a beastly alteration on its original creation. The revivified operating system would have a Linux core and undoubtedly all of the higher level layers that adherents praised and critics scoffed.

Sadly, the reasoning behind this doesn’t appear to be for the enjoyment of the two people CmdrTaco identifies as haveing used and enjoyed OS/2 (yes, I was one of them), but rather as a drop in replacement for aging installs of the last gasp of the retired platform, still in use inside of the software giant and a few other institutions.

If they do pursue this idea and release it publicly I probably will stand it up on a VM, just for nostalgia’s sake.

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    1. Bzzt! Wrong answer, but thank you for playing.

      I did indeed love me some OS/2, especially considering the alternatives. I was well off Windows even in those early days but despite the urgings of fellow basement dwelling tech services geeks, I was not ready for Linux in its then very primitive state. “Look! If you sequentially insert 34 floppies and spend four days compiling, you can get a word processor–sort of.”

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