Could a BitTorrent Exploit Bypass ISP Monitoring?

The Register has some details about code originating from an exploit originally used to spread malware that potentially could make it difficult to associate BitTorrent traffic to a specific user. With modification, the article suggests this code could allow a client to randomly spoof other network addresses and to generate decoy peers. If this is possible for a legitimate client, I doubt either or both measures will make BitTorrent bullet proof. The techniques could make the cost for enforcing laws like the Digital Economy Act and Hadopi that much more costly.

Ernesto at TorrentFreak bursts this illusion. He clarifies that a user’s real IP address will always be known to the tracker, regardless of how many decoys it spawns. He even spoke with a BitTorrent developer who confirmed that it is unlikely this code will lead to any useful means for foiling network monitoring by ISPs and those charged with enforcing intellectual monopoly online. Worse Ernesto fears, perhaps rightly so, that attempt to use some form of this code may lull users into complacency without affording any actual protection, playing right into big content’s hands.

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