Gosling Leaves Oracle

As this Register piece notes, the departure of the creator of Java is hardly surprising given the cultural differences between Sun and Oracle. Gosling was conspicuously tight lipped about his exit, admitting that anything he said would do more harm than good. That alone seems to do harm to Oracle’s stance post acquisition of Sun, in particular with regards to Java. It isn’t hard to imagine what internal goings on were so troublesome for Gosling that he’d feel compelled to depart and constrained from speaking about it for fear of harms.

I expect that Java will keep moving the way it has, through a bureaucracy laden steering process. I think the days where any single voice had much effect on the trajectory of the language and the platform are long gone, even from such a bright luminary as Gosling. Still, it is a bit saddening to contemplate the closing of the chapter where Gosling was directly involved with the language as an employee of its corporate benefactor.

He didn’t say where he was going next or what he’d be up to. I hope he shares, soon, as I am sure it will be something worth following.

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