Google Tablet Looking More Credible

Mashable has what looks like a pretty compelling confirmation, more so than the proof of concept mock ups that came out when the iPad was announced. I like that this will be an Android device rather than running Chrome OS. I am sure we could see that change as it comes closer to market though. I am still not sure sure about the form factor but it might advance the state of smaller devices like the Mini 5, convincing other vendors that touch screen, supplemental devices of all stripes are worth experimenting with.

I hope that the application market place mentioned in the article is consistent with the one currently available to Android phones. I find it hard to imagine Google closing down the open aspects of current Android offerings. I am pretty sure I’ve seen Google touting its openness as a compelling differentiator from Apple. That would obviously be even more important with this tablet which is hard to interpret as anything other than a direct short across Apple’s bow.

I think this will be healthy for the market, livening the space for new devices up considerably even if it probably comes at the expense of whatever relation remains between Google and Apple. On a personal level, my interest is heavily contingent on the exact specs of the device, in particular I do not want to have to pay a premium for 3G which I would prefer not to use. Same with the book store mentioned in the article, but in the case whether it is DRM laced or not and the ease for my to port in my growing library of epub files.

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