You’re lucky to find a fanboi who knows enough about communication, philosophy, debate and argument to hang on.

I feel like I am running into a wall with most fanbois because they don’t understand things like ethics or moral systems or even what a fallacy is. They will say something like, “but you weren’t picking on video game systems.” Their breathen will rally around that statement as if it counters everything said, little do they realize that video games systems are often just as closed and just as immoral as the iPad, it is just that the iPad is more general purpose.

They also take an apologist bent, they say that media companies twisted Steve Job’s arm to add more DRM to the iPad/iPhone. This claim is to spare their saviour from be a hypocrite, which he most certainly is. They don’t understand that unethical behaviour is not reduced via transitive action or agreement. If you and I sign a contract where by I have you act immorally and unethically, at my bidding, both of us are acting immorally and unethically. The fanboi does not concede this point, nor does he see it. To the fanboi, a security guard under orders to maim someone is not to blame because they signed an employment agreement. This is the kind of broken reasoning we have to fight with.

What’s worse is for the most part even if explain in plain language and give plenty of concrete examples they still won’t get it. They won’t get the abstract explanation and they definitely don’t get the concrete ones.

We’re dealing with a real lack of education in debate and philosophy. They can’t even call me out when I invoke the terror of ethics. They are that weak.