An Emerging Market for Copyright Settlement Outfits

There’s gold in them there hills, I tells ya!

Mike Masnick at Techdirt provides more evidence that the new market for legal outfits that spew out mass volumes of settlement demand letters is booming. I previously wrote about U.S. Copyright Group. It looks like at least two more outfits are looking to tap into this increasingly rich vein.

It is bad enough that the legitimate intermediaries–labels, publishers, studios–are fighting viciously to protect their shrinking markets at the expense of creators and their audiences. Now there is a whole new segment that is able to power itself solely through these new opportunities enabled by the legal overreaching of the older and now thrashing entertainment sector.

It is early for this trend, though it is clearly now a trend. It could burn itself out like the RIAA’s legal campaign did in the face of a few stalwarts and more than a bit if bad publicity. Or it could accelerate as the legal landscape is worsening for readers, viewers and listeners.

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