iPad Jailbroken

I realize this is perhaps poor timing with my fit of pique about iPad updates and posts earlier today. However, I feel I’d be remiss for not sharing a story (from Slashdot among others) about the cracking of the device. It is part of a larger trend I have been following, a trend that even affects more open gadgets like Android based phones. I think it also resonates with the urgings to consider the open/closed push-pull that Danny O’Brien explained in his earlier post about the proprietary nature of the iPad.

The hacker in question, MuscleNerd, hasn’t released any code yet, just a video demonstrating his claimed accomplishment. Given that the iPhone, which has been cracked for some time, shares the same OS as the iPad, I tend to think the claim is credible. Even if it isn’t it is a strong indicator that Apple’s attempts to prevent exertion of owner override are ultimately doomed.

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