Open Source under Threat in Europe

Most European countries along with the EU itself have traditionally been more receptive to use open source in government itself. Here in the US, technology companies and others have had to band together just to get equal consideration during government bidding for software solutions.

According to a ComputerWorld UK piece by Glyn Moody, that favored status of open source in the EU is now under attack. Like much problematic policy making, this is happening mostly behind closed doors and we are relying in part on unnamed sources and leaks to see key glimpses of the picture. The very definition of open is being re-worked to encompasses proprietary software and effectively exclude truly open standards and software from the EU’s forthcoming Digital Agenda.

There is an online survey, however, where you can submit comment, due by April 6th. If you live in Europe, take the time to read through Glyn’s article and submit a comment.

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