De Icaza Says Microsoft Has Shot .NET Ecosystem in the Foot

Slashdot links to the iTWire story that explains the quote from the developer behind the open source re-implementation of Microsoft’s runtime and development platform. Miguel De Icaza cites the perpetual threat of patent infringement as the reason that Mono is the only implementation of .NET outside of the Redmond software giant. His frustration is focused on what he sees as lost opportunities for Microsoft.

Honestly, who didn’t see this coming other than Miguel? What did he really think would happen in the long run with a company that has never shown any real interest in enabling markets where third party developers are welcome?

I am stunned at the amount of cognitive dissonance. I’d be more pissed at the constant knee capping of Mono by Microsoft’s actions. Or if I were Miguel, at myself for believing that Microsoft could be any way other than it has proven itself to be, inimical to open source time and time again.

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