Ordering the Badges

Here is another quick update on the custom nerd merit badge experiment.

The proof that I posted last time has been reviewed by the badge makers and in their opinion is feasible. I have given them the green light to go ahead which involves the necessary invoicing, a prototype being produced, one or potentially more rounds of approvals on the prototype, then the full order goes in to the embroiderer.

I don’t know how long this current stage will take, I haven’t even received the invoice, yet. I imagine the approval work may be variable. Once the final tweaks are approved, I am told the order will take three weeks to process. I will definitely post an update once that clock starts ticking down, although I will probably post at least one update before then to show the prototype.

I am very happy with the design work done by my friend, Dan. I have already paid him out of the funds collected from the charter donors. Cory’s donation, in particular, allowed me to give Dan a bit extra in appreciation for his lightning fast turn around. He has also agreed to make any changes necessitated by the final approval as part of that fee. He sent me the Illustrator file and the font definition file he used, too, the former of which I am already thinking could also be used to replace my site’s favicon with a clearer, simpler image.

If you are interested in receiving one of the badges once they are finished and ready to ship, just go to the support page and make a donation of 20 USD or more. Any one of the monthly donation options will also qualify you to receive a badge in gratitude for your support.

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