All Ten Limited Edition Badges Have Been Claimed

Here is just a quick but important update as I am in the midst of preparing for my first afternoon volunteering for the International Amateur Scanning League. (I’ll write up my experiences at the National Archives later on, perhaps while I work on getting caught up for missing last night’s usual blog posts.)

As of this morning, the tenth and final donation needed to fund the first set of cmdln merit badges came in. That means all ten of the limited edition set have been claimed. I hope to be able to place the order within the week and to soon after have an ETA for shipping out badges to the charter donors.

There will still be plenty of regular badges if you are interested. Donate a mere 20 USD (or more) or commit to any of the monthly donation options and you qualify to receive a badge as a reward.

I intend to keep my eyes and brain open to ideas for additional rewards to offer for other amounts. I have enjoyed putting this very unique reward together and am still staggering in amazement from the overwhelming response so far. Even though the experiment isn’t quite over yet, it has fueled my desire to experiment further so stay tuned. I have some other ideas beyond rewards I am eager to explore.

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