Update on Badge Experiment

Recently I explained a new experiment to reward donors that exercise their generosity to support the podcast and the web site. I promised to share progress in the spirit of transparency. Unlike my previous experiment, things are moving so quickly that not even a week has gone by before I have some good news to share. (I’ll post an update on the advertising experiment towards the end of the month since I signed up with AdBard right at the end of February.)

The biggest challenge to producing the custom Nerd Merit Badges is the up front cost. I asked for ten listeners or readers to donate twenty dollars or more. Those first ten will get limited edition, even more custom badges complete with signed, numbered certificates of authenticity. As of this writing, five of those ten charter badges are already spoken for.

I am floored by the response, especially by the ridiculously generous donation from Cory. His contribution alone covers half of that up front cost. I will still produce ten special edition badges so there will remain an opportunity to secure one of the remaining five. The surplus from Cory’s donation will go towards covering additional costs I was going to handle out of my own pocket. These include paying for the design work for the badges, materials for the certificates, and shipping on the first badges I’ll send out.

Right now I owe nine donors badges. Four standard ones and five limited edition ones. Please check the donors page and if you have donated make sure your name is listed there. If it isn’t and you’ve sent a donation, please contact me with the particulars so I can make sure I get a badge out to anyone and everyone who has donated twenty dollars (US) or more.

My designer, Dan, has committed to producing a finished design by next Monday. He is working in between his day job and other projects to get me a first draft. I am pretty happy with his estimated schedule given the low price we agreed on. I am confident he knows what I want and look forward to iterating through a few designs to get something everyone will enjoy.

I have also been working with my wife to figure out what will be possible to do to the badges to further customize them for the charter donors. I have an idea, one that I’ll share once I have a more finished design from Dan, that I think will tickle the geek nature of my listeners and readers. I am not entirely sure it will work but I hope we’ll be able to manage some variation. If we do, I am pretty sure those ten badges will be enviably geeky.

There is still time to qualify for one of the limited edition badges and stay tuned for further updates towards the goal. I hope to be able to share some progress on the design, soon, so you can have a better notion of what the finished badge will look like.

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