Nina Paley Interview Around the Web

My recent interview with Nina Paley, cartoonist, animator and free culture activist, has been picked up by a couple of noteworthy sites.

First, shortly after the episode’s release, the site, Against Monopoly, republished my post about the show. This site shares its name and theme with Michele Boldrin’s and David Levine’s book, “Against Intellectual Monopoly“. Boldrin and Levine are also regular contributors to the site. Nina’s very enlightened views on experimenting with non-monopoly models clearly resonated.

Second, Terry Hancock, a regular contributor to Free Software Magazine, transcribed and edited the audio of the interview for release on FSM. I personally didn’t find the audio quality on Nina’s end that bad, for the most part, but for anyone who did, Terry has done Nina and me a huge favor by doing such a great job of it and sharing it so freely. I am also grateful for Terry’s very complimentary introduction to the transcript. I am very proud of the interview and flattered that not only does Nina agree, but Terry adds his own ringing endorsement.

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