Lords Pass DEB, Attempt Bums Rush through Commons

Cory has more details at Boing Boing on the Digital Economy Bill’s passage through the House of Lords and the attempt to rush it through the House of Commons with minimal discussion. He also shares another rallying cry, from 38degrees, including another template you can use to write your MP. All that is being sought is to slow down the bill, to give everyone a chance to continue the discussion.

For context: Labour cancelled its anti-fox-hunt legislation because there wasn’t time for proper debate, but they’re ramming through this copyright bill even though it’s far more important and far-reaching — for one thing, a broken UK Internet will make it harder for people who care about fox hunts one way or the other to organise and lobby on the issue.

This is an old tactic, trying to force passage at odd hours. It almost always comes into play when public discourse makes it clear there will be no solid consensus. However that is the very purpose of democratic debate, to expose reasonable objections and push for better compromises.

Take a moment to read John Timmer’s clear and concise history at Ars Technica of the bill to date and then if you live in the UK, act. Write or call your MP and don’t let the democratic process be subverted entirely by big content.

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