Dan Bull’s Latest Protest Piece

Open Rights Group shared Dan Bull’s latest brilliant protest effort.

It is a bit over the top though I think it really has to be in order to cut through the nonsensical, panicked rhetoric being shouted by the other side, by big content. In satirical form it skewers the notion that these panics are ever right or the problems that they exaggerate are ever as bad as they make out.

Another reason for folks like Dan Bull to really crank up the dial on the message is that pressure to pass the Digital Economy Bill is mounting. As Cory explained on Boing Boing over the weekend, the head of BPI has an aggressive plan to break copyright. It is clear from every aspect of this leaked message there is a concerted effort to ram the bill down Britain’s throat. Mollet discounts public opposition for lack of a ground swell of support–he gives more weight to the conflict between national security interests and big content’s goals.

Dan Bull’s video is one bright point amongst the opposing voices. ORG is a chorus, and Simon Phipps, among others, weighs in with a few choice thoughts and the letter he sent his MP which he offers up as a model for your own correspondence.

Now is more critical than ever to let your voice be heard. ORG points out the window for public debate is closing, as slim as that window may have been, a mere two hours worth. MPs will be seeking the support of their constituents so write them, let them know that Mollet and the other DEB supporters are wrong, that there is considerable public opposition to this horrid bundle of policy.

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