Has Copyright Gone Too Far?

There are news feeds I read now where part of what I consider to be part of the noise, the posts which I largely ignore, are the stories of copyright excesses. When you’ve read your hundredth overly broad, ill informed copyright claim story, you’ll agree with me. The only thing that is still informative about these stories is their sheer volume.

I saw a link to a BBC article on the Net Neutrality Squad mailing list that would be easy to dismiss as part of this trend. This is the BBC, though, not a copyright focused blog. The examples given also lead to a plea that resonates with the one that has been ringing around my skull for some time now.

This has got to stop. We have to say “enough is enough” to those who hold copyrights in songs and images and words and videos. We must refuse to remake the digital world in order to serve only their interests.

Pause for a minute and think about the immense volume of bad copyright stories recently, crowned by the terrifying policy making represented by the Digital Economy Bill and ACTA. Has copyright gone too far? You can guess my answer but this is only the start of a wider conversation that should include access to knowledge as a right and restoring the limitations on new rights under copyright that has traditionally been part of the equation but has been since been set aside.

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