Piracy Increases in France Despite Three Strikes

TorrentFreak has news of a report finding piracy increasing in France despite passage of Hadopi, the French three strikes and your off the internet law. The increase is modest, mind you, at 3%. As the article explains, users have shifted their piracy to services, like streaming and web-lockers, that are not covered by the law.

This is actually very consisted with some of the earliest thought on Piracy, as explained by the dark net paper. Published in 2002 by some folks at Microsoft, the hypothesis they put forward was that attempts to stop piracy of digital goods would merely encourage those exchanges to move to less regulated spaces, to dark nets.

If nothing else, Hadopi is proving to be an interesting experiment in advance of other countries looking to adopt three strikes laws. I am still skeptical that this or any other research will have more than a negligible impact on the policy making. That is the nature of panics, they defy reasoned persuasion based on substantiation, common sense and logic.

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