PayPal Has Now Suspended Cryptome’s Account

Cryptome is another clearing house site for leaked documents, co-founded and operated by John Young. It was recently in the news for being on the receiving end of a botched take down request at the behest of Microsoft.

Now Cryptome has had its account suspended by PayPal, according to The Register. The theory I’d heard to explain this repeatedly happening to Wikileaks is a run in with PayPal’s torturous rules on handling donations for some classes of organizations. There aren’t any details, yet, from PayPal on this case but I suspect it is for similar reasons.

I wonder if other not-for-profits have been experiencing similar problems and this is a bias in coverage because of the sensational nature of Wikileaks and Cryptome or this is part of genuine discrimination on the part of the payment processor, disguised as some impenetrable bureaucracy.

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