Ubisoft Hefty DRM Cracked within Hours

I wrote about Ubisoft’s new DRM scheme that essentially tethers players to their internet connections with very few exceptions. Not surprisingly, TorrentFreak is reporting that the DRM was broken within hours of the first game released using it.

Silent Hunter 5 was released on Tuesday and just a few hours later a cracked version of the game was published on many file-sharing sites. Ubisoft, worrying that DRM-haters would download the game illegally, quickly responded to the news about the cracked DRM and released a statement in which they downplay ‘the issue’.

Ernesto at TorrentFreak also has a good survey of reactions to the DRM system itself which range from skeptical to downright irked. Not surprisingly, this latest attempt at IP terrorism has only resulted in more users seeking the better experience afford by pirated versions of the game.

We’re seeing a lot of that lately, aren’t we?

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