Web Comic on How DRM is Really Defective

Ars Technica links to an amusing web comic by Brad Colbow nicely illustrating how DRM is having the opposite effective of what big content intends. This strongly reminds me of an infographic that made the rounds recently, including on Boing Boing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brad was inspired by the post at Making Light.

This sort of brain dead frustration is so common, it is just as likely the two were independently derived. Its another variation on piracy outcompete legitimate media or acting as the best, free market research to be had. It also reinforces what I have been saying for years–DRM is not about piracy at all. It is about controlling or suppressing disruptive innovation at the expense of the end user.

Oh, and someone must not have liked the original infographic, it looks like it was taken down by request. Thankfully, BoingBoing appears to have cached it on their servers along with their post about it.

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