Notes from Free Culture X

If you were unable to attend the recent gathering, Free Culture X, like myself, the P2P Foundation has linked to some excellent notes from the event. I especially am intrigued by the notes on the Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge.

This workshop versed about the already (I hope famous) Charter authored during the 2009 Culture Forum in Barcelona. While we often are tempted to point out the bad and worse stuff of the current legislative initiatives, this Charter aims to be a positive reference document for discussing Copyright, A2K and Net Neutrality topics.

We discussed the need for such a document at the last CopyNight here in DC. It makes far more sense to help popularize and improve an existing work that might fulfill that purpose. There is also a good anecdote in the notes about a shift in business model initiated in a specific, personal case by free licensing. I think much more could be said in that discussion, Nina Paley has me thinking a lot about the tension between intellectual monopoly and free licensing, in particular the counter intuitions that around from it.

I’ll save that thought for next year although hopefully there will be an opportunity sooner than that to bounce these ideas of someone.

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