Both Sides Preparing for Final Round of ACTA Negotiations

Cory shares a submission on Boing Boing from Nat Torkington about a call for a public interest summit in advance of this final round. The summit will be convened by InternetNZ on April 10, the final ACTA discussions will take place two days later. The output of the open discussion will be presented to New Zealand’s negotiators for their consideration as they head behind the ACTA veil.

This is a good idea but I’d be more confident of its effect if we saw similar efforts mirrored in the other countries involved in the negotiations. The various leaks have seen some pretty heated contention between various players, especially the EU, the US and Canada. There may be time yet to capitalize on remaining disagreements to stall for more time.

I’ll give the kiwis credit, their government is also directly seeking public submissions, according to Michael Geist. The deadline is March 31st. The focus is limited to just the Internet enforcement chapter. This is the most problematic section of the draft, by far, so if you are in New Zealand, you have two good chances to help shape the outcome.

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