Post-Cryptome Takedown, Network Solutions Sows DMCA Confusion

Mike Masnick at Techdirt digs into the he-said-she-said of Microsoft’s takedown of the whistleblower site, Cryptome, last week. There is a lot of confusion to go around, starting with Microsoft’s claims that they wanted only one document removed not the entire web site. This despite their notice going to Network Solutions who could only ever have taken the entire site down.

The real comedy of errors, as Masnick explains, is just how badly Network Solutions does at explaining its understanding of the DMCA. I suspect it is their understanding that is flawed rather than their ability to communicate it.

It highlights one of the increasingly nagging problems with copyright in recent years. It takes some serious brain power and legal expertise to correctly parse this mess. To be fair, the notice-takedown procedures under the DMCA are fairly well understood and Network Solutions wouldn’t have had to spend a king’s ransom hiring someone to grok it for them. A prince’s ransom, maybe.

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