Advertising Experiment

As an experiment, I have started to use Ad Bard on my web site. They exemplify the kind of advertiser or sponsor with whom I had always imagined working but despaired of finding. I have to thank Evan and the folks at StatusNet for bringing this ad network to my attention. Even the Free Software Foundation endorses Ad Bard and with good reason. They are committed to remaining an ethically operated network connecting publishers, like myself, and advertiser whose interests align on open source and free software.

I would welcome a similar advertiser or sponsor for the podcast if anyone is interested but for now I am just trying out Ad Bard to see how much it can help to defray my hosting expenses. If you have any thoughts on the question of acceptable advertising and sponsorship, I welcome them.

I would ask that if you visit my site regularly and you use AdBlockPlus, that you consider making an exception for Ad Bard. I have pinged them about feed ads, too, since I suspect many of my readers don’t visit the site. I will only use such ads if I personally don’t find them obnoxious or intrusive.

If there is any interest, I would also be willing to share information on my earnings over time from Ad Bard. I don’t expect them to amount to much but then my operational and production costs are pretty small, too.

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  1. Thomas,
    I think this is brilliant. I don’t personally know many of the vendors who might advertise, which is a needed part of the process. But anyone I meet/know online who would fall under the title of “suitable companies” will hear from me about AdBard. It’s fabulous idea and you have made the community proud yet again.


  2. Thanks but Tag 1 Consulting deserves most of the credit as the creators and operators of Ad Bard. I hope this succeeds in much the way I think and StatusNet have, by sticking to their core principles and developing an excellent, focused community.

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