MySQL’s Infuence on the GPL

Slashdot links to a post from former MySQL contributor, Brian Akers, that is part conference report from SCALE and part retrospective on MySQL’s effect on how business people viewed the GPL. For one, Akers lays the prevalence of the questionable dual licensing practice in open source at the feet of MySQL. He charts it as part of a trend where investors and potential investors viewed MySQL as a sort of abbreviated map, an executive summary, of the rest of the FLOSS world.

The silver lining is that Akers seems to think this chapter of MySQL’s not always constructive influence on the GPL is over, with the Oracle acquisition of Sun. It stands to reason that the swallowing of the project by a company not known for its open source enlightenment would break this sometimes vicious cycle with investors looking elsewhere for a quick read on what to expect with open source focused businesses.

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