Farpoint Schedule

Farpoint is this weekend and I am a bit delinquent in talking it up. I suppose I have reason, coping with the ridiculously bad local weather recently. Thankfully, it is looking like I’ll be getting on the road as scheduled, later today, so will be at the convention this evening through Sunday afternoon.

Farpoint is much smaller than Balticon but just as accessible to those of us either in the greater DC metro area or in and around Baltimore. It has a wonderfully intimate feel compared to the bigger conventions yet manages to draw some amazing celebrities. Balticon is primarily a literary convention so Farpoint is our local media oriented con. Even if the two were equal in size, the programming would be pleasantly distinct.

I have already updated my public Google calendar with my commitments but thought I’d mention them here for the benefit of those who don’t use Google Calendar.

  • Podcasting 101 at 2PM Saturday in Ridgely 1 – The de rigueur panel for any self respecting programming including podcasts. I am only too happy to share my experiences over the past four plus years along-side many of my friends and fellow veteran podcasters.
  • Copyright/Copywrong at 1PM Sunday in Ridgely 1 – Farpoint is the first convention where I spoke publicly about copyright. This will be my fourth straight year doing so and this year I’ll have the pleasure of joining Marc Okrand and Steve Wilson to continue the discussion of where copyright and fandom intersect.

There also looks to be a lively social scene this year at Farpoint so look for me at any open events centered around the DIY track. DIY is the umbrella under which the programming folks are organizing podcasting, web comics and other indie creators. Otherwise, I should not be hard to find–look for the bald geek with the goatee and either the red, Shmoocon shoulder bag full of audio gear or the big Nikon DSLR in my face. Since my commitments this year are light, I plan on checking out more of the wider con.

If you are coming (it isn’t too late to register at the door), I hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, consider it for next year. This is one of my favorite, never to be missed conventions.

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