Twitter to Use BitTorrent to Update Servers

This is actually a pretty clever idea for scaling distribution of data as clusters of servers get larger and larger to meet demand. TorrentFreak has the details.

Twitter’s new project, codenamed ‘Murder’, will not use the bandwidth of Twitter users. Instead, it will transform the site’s servers into a large BitTorrent swarm that will distribute file updates using BitTorrent technology.

Murder is a reference to the group name for crows, a slightly sinister code name that still makes an oblique reference to Twitter’s ubiquitous mascot. What sounds like it started with hacking on an open bit torrent client has turned into a full collaboration with Bit Torrent, Inc. Twitter and Bit Torrent have promised to share Murder’s source code though no date has been set for doing so. In carefully reading the article, Murder hasn’t been deployed yet and is still probably under active development.

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