International Amateur Scanning League

At last, I can publicly share the project for which I’ve been trying to find volunteers for these past few weeks. The International Amateur Scanning League is Carl Malamud’s brain storm, capitalizing on an opportunity he secured to duplicate several thousand DVDs at NARA, in their College Park, MD campus. I asked Carl, when I first met him, how activists like myself can help with the work that his non-profit,, does in digitizing public domain works and making public records and data available. This is a pretty compelling answer.

In the O’Reilly Radar piece, Carl provides a link to the discussion list where you can join in with the ongoing efforts. Hopefully the access to NARA’s collection is just the start. To reward volunteers efforts, Carl has commissioned some amazing artwork (see the article for examples) which he has had fashioned into some fun mementoes, like merit badges.

If Metro re-opens the above ground stations as planned tomorrow, I will be at the launch event. I plan on dragging my gear bag with me to capture what audio of the event I can to share later on the podcast. Regardless, I am happy to be involved in such an ambitious effort to improve access to our shared cultural heritage.

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