Facebook Releases More PHP Enhancements

According to Jolie O’Dell at ReadWriteWeb, their latest release, XHP, is aimed more at the templating end of the stack. I haven’t yet delved into the realm of PHP template systems so cannot compare it to them. When I saw the sample code, it did not look as different from plain PHP as I had anticipated. It sure looks a bit more streamlined in terms of switching between procedural code and static HTML chunks.

I guess I’ll need to see a more complex example before I believe the testimonials in the article. Either that or the people quoted find plain old PHP so bad that even a slight improvement seems gargantuan.

Regardless, with HipHop aimed at improving performance and XHP at improving developer productivity, it seems like the language that its creator, Rasmus Lerdorf, was content calling a glue language has grown a nice set of legs–and maybe some gills and wings, too.

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