Unscheduled Hiatus

In case you weren’t aware, the mid-Atlantic region of the US got hit over the weekend by a terrible blizzard. Here in the DC metro area we received well over two feet of snow. Worse, now the forecast is calling for another ten to twenty inches over the course of tomorrow night and Wednesday morning.

We lost power at the house 3AM Saturday morning and it only just came back, around 4PM Monday afternoon. We did not plan for losing power so it has been a tense few days, to say the least. Understandably, I was unable to do the research and writing for the planned Sunday show, let alone record and release it. With another nasty snow fall pending, I doubt I will even get it out late as the priority around here is getting devices charged and the house re-heated. (We managed to snag a portable heater Sunday after the county dig out our neighborhood but weren’t able to get kerosene for it until today.)

Lest you worry, everyone here is fine though slightly worse for wear. One of the advantages to raising geek kids is they do enjoy reading and playing table top games when all the electronic devices have spent their charges. We are both excessively proud of how well the kids held up (and how well we were able to keep our own worry under control.) A silver lining of getting caught unprepared for the power loss is we now have sufficient kerosene to last well into the weekend as well as non-perishables and a routine to get through the day.

I had already planned to skip this week’s feature cast to prepare for Farpoint as well as the Sunday news program. I will stick to skipping those though as much as out of concern for the weather as the optimistic hope I’ll still make it to Farpoint this weekend.

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  1. Well it does give me a chance to catch up on the podcasts, perhaps even some of your older episodes, which could benefit from a re-run. Anyway I hope you get time to sit down with a good book.

    Take care,


    1. As it happens, I did indeed get to finish one outstanding book and made some good headway on another. Thankfully, I always have tons of books waiting to be read. Will be the saving grace if we lose power again in tomorrow’s storm.

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