Google Asks NSA for Help to Secure Its Network

Kim Zetter at Wired has the details from a Washington Post article on the deal. Google hasn’t offered any comment but the Wired article has plenty from concerned civil libertarians and others familiar with the NSA. For one, all we have to go on is what Google has said the deal means. The privacy advocacy group, Epic, has made a FOIA request to try to determine whether the scope of the NSA’s access and assistance goes beyond the recent cyber-attack perpetrated against the search giant and almost three dozen other companies.

The other cause for concern, of course, was the warrant-less wiretapping that the agency undertook under the Bush administration. EFF is still pressing suit on two fronts to hold them accountable and to discover just how far reaching the surveillance was. Granting the same agency access to one of the largest stores of personal data should make everyone a little uneasy.

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