Optimizing PHP

Listener Marc tweeted a link to a post by Rasmus Lerdorf himself, creator of PHP, explaining his view on optimizing the technology. In short, Rasmus still sees PHP as more of a way to glue more powerful components together.

This isn’t about server costs. It is about choosing the right tool for the right part of the job. A Javascript library for the client-side frontend, PHP for the server-side frontend, C/C++ for your middle-layer and an appropriate datastore behind it all and you can build amazing things with PHP. The largest destinations on the Web today are written exactly like this.

In my experience, because PHP has this glue-like aspect, it seems to make Maslow’s Hammer far worse than with more specialized tools. Rasmus puts his finger exactly on the balance PHP developers need to strike to not only make the most effective use of the tool but to realize the kind of performance that is increasingly a concern.

Well worth the read whether you use PHP or not, just to get you thinking about appropriate use of all of the tools in your belt.

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