WikiLeaks Able to Receive Donations Again

The Register has an update on the story from yesterday, that for at least the second time, PayPal suspended the site’s ability to receive donations through the micropayment service. An acquaintance hinted to me that there was more than the story but was not in a position to comment further. According to this article,

PayPal’s spokeswoman said it had lifted the suspension on Saturday, suggesting it had been triggered by anti-money laundering systems.

This despite Wikileaks working with a known quantity, Wau Holland Stiftung, a foundation that also works with CCC. Actually, in sifting through the translation of the foundation’s home page, supporting the Chaos Computing Club seems to be their sole raison d’etre.

As well regarded as CCC is in the hacker community, especially for its annual hacker gathering, I suspect this association may have as much to do with the suspension as anything. Of course, facts are sparse here so this is just my supposition.

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