Nina Paley v. Jaron Lanier

I think my head may have just exploded. Nina has really been pushing the envelope with how to leverage giving content away for free to maximum benefit. I was thoroughly impressed by her rejection of our need for fair use and a call for outright copyright reform at WFUD. To be fair, as copyright law stands, no exception would have allowed her to escape the exorbitant rights clearance she had to undertake for “Sita Sings the Blues”.

Imagine my amazement to read Mike Masnick’s account of a radio debate between Nina and Jaron Lanier. I am disappointed, but not entirely surprised that Lanier was espousing much of the rhetoric of the recording industry in the face of the digital media/internet one-two punch. It sounds like Nina more than held her own.

Mike’s remarks are spot on but this is still a bit of audio worth listening to yourself.

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